Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Answer to Your Question

Somehow I forgot to answer this question. Sorry!

“How do you deal with mean girls you have to see every day?” -Anonymous

Before I get into how to deal with mean girls, let me give you (and all of you ladies reading this) some background info.

Women are crazy; and hormones are only partially to blame. Women oftentimes hate each other for no legitimate reason.

When someone goes as far as to be a bully, they are taking the competition to a higher level. As common psychology knowledge would tell us, a bully is a result of someone with insecurities. Maybe they don’t like you because you have perfect hair/makeup/skin/figure. Maybe it’s because you’re smarter than they are, maybe you have a better family life. It could be any reason. These mean girls are basically trying to put you down, to make themselves feel better.

A situation involving mean girls is eerily similar to the animal kingdom. The mean girls are the lions. Their prey, the zebra, is you. They (the lions and mean girls) will single out the weak member and basically rip you to shreds. Not in real life though, since cannibalism is frowned upon in many countries ;) Anyways, the key here is to not be the weakest link. The mean girls will only bother you if they know that they’re bothering you. Don’t let them get under your skin.

The main thing you need to know is that people will only bother you if you let them. Never let them see you sweat. Dealing with these types of people is all about having confidence in yourself and developing thick skin. I’m assuming you’re in junior or high school (correct me if I’m wrong), and just to let you know, it gets better. Teenagers are like demons grown in Satan’s cabbage patch. I’m not saying adults are better, but hold your head high and don’t let them bring you down.


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