Sunday, December 18, 2011

World War Z

I’m pretty convinced that, hopefully not in my lifetime, the Zombie Apocalypse will happen. I’ve studied The Zombie Survival Guide to know how to survive. I’ve also read World War Z and know the devastating physical, emotional, and environmental effects of said war. (I also wrote a badass English essay about those effects as well!)

Without Max Brooks’ words of wisdom and common sense, I would be hopeless.

But anyways back to my random thought of the day. . .I live on a ground floor apartment, if Resident Evil: Real Life should occur, I would be a goner.

In every room of my apartment, with the exception of one bathroom, there is a window. How in the hell am I supposed to defend myself?! I can’t have zombies climbing down into my bedroom window while another swarm of the undead breaks through my sliding glass door in the living room. I could barricade myself in, but since zombies have unlimited stamina, it would only be a matter of time before the undead would feast upon my slightly alcoholic flesh.

In my studies of the Zombie Apocalypse, it is critical to have a plan b, and plan c, and et cetera. My newest plan is to keep watching the news keeping an ear out for the keywords like, “cannibalism” or anything, “highly contagious”. Hopefully I will have a head start and make my way to the nearest marina. From there I shall find a sailboat and prepare for the incoming war.

Is my planning for a ridiculous, hypothetical event absolutely crazy? Yes indeed it is. But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.


ragamuffin said...

Hahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one to do this! After watching Resident Evil (all of them), Dawn of the Dead, Shawn of the Dead, and most recently The Walking Dead I have thought about my plan off and on. So far I'm planning on after the apocalypse happens heading for the closest gun shop, stock up, find one of those big armored vehicles that banks use, take it, and then head to the most isolated places I can find (probably somewhere out west or Canada). Lol, I love how Alcohol is one of the tags for this post!


Gigi said...

Yeah the crazy things I think about after a few drinks lol! That sounds like a good plan. I'm always thinking about how I can plan for WWZ. I'm already stocking up on supplies. How crazy is that!

Swans and Lists said...

This is brilliant! My housemate is likewise obsessed, so I'm just hoping I will be with her should the day ever come!

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