Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Beauty Article for You

It’s probably kind of weird clicking onto my blog from a beauty website, and I have yet to post anything beauty related! Well here it goes. . .

I received an e-mail from someone asking advice about how to prevent razor burn. This used to be a big problem for me so I’ve got just the answer for you.

My cure for razor burn came from the most unlikely, yet absolutely perfect sources. . . Their names were Barbie and Mercedes. . . exotic dancers paying their way through college.

1. Exfoliate. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy dancy. I just use apricot scrub and a washcloth.

2. Barbie said, “Don’t use shaving cream, use hair conditioner.” I thought this was weird, but it actually works better. Again, I don’t use anything expensive; just the cheapest brand at the grocery store.

3. Use a new(ish) razor and shave in the direction of the hair growth, then against the hair growth, then from side to side. Also it’s important to take your time.

4. After you get out of the shower, use unscented lotion that is made for sensitive skin on your legs. For underarms and your bikini area, Barbie said that deodorant works the best. Yeah I thought that was weird too, using deodorant your nether regions, but apparently this is a common trick among strippers that they swear by.

If you still have razor burn, Bikini Zone cream was recommended by Mercedes. In extreme cases, although it burns like a motherfucker, Mercedes also recommends rubbing alcohol mixed with water in a spray bottle. I personally have never tried this, but I figure it’s worth a try.

So I thought being dragged out to the titty bar would be a horrible experience, but in reality, it wasn’t that bad. I actually got some wonderful hair, makeup, and skincare tips. I also find it ironic that out of the group of guys I was with, I got all the attention ;) It still makes me chuckle.


Beauty Guard said...

How do I follow your blog?
I love it!

l'artichaut said...

Those tips are brilliant! I will immidiately try them!

Love from Germany,


Gigi said...

l'artichaut- I agree. I had no idea exotic dancers could have such great advice.

Beauty Guard- with your blogger account, on your dashboard, there should be a list of blogs to follow. click on "add" and type in any urls of blogs you want to follow. If that doesn't work, I would say just bookmark my page.

Anonymous said...

who knew? conditioner and deoderant? i never would have even thought of those on my own. im not too much of a burner but i dice myself up all the time. do these tips help with cuts too?

Gigi said...

For me the conditioner has helped reduce cuts. I think the razor glides over the skin better than it would with shaving cream.

Jennifer O. said...

Those ARE some great tips! I did get to your blog from The Beauty Department but I'm going to stay after reading among the things you enjoy are "planning for the Zombie Apocalypse." LOL that's too funny. Of all the "Apocalypse scenarios" *I* personally think it's the most likely, haha. Plus my BFF's nickname for me is GiGi!

Gigi said...

Yeah I'm crazy about the Zombie Apocalypse LoL! I think that it's awesome your BFF calls you GiGi! It's been my nickname too for as long as I can remember.

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