Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do I Have A Soul?

Who started the trend about redheads/gingers having no soul? I’m curious because I have a question to ask them.

I didn’t think about this until just today, but my Grandmother was a ginger. She dyed her hair blonde most of her life, but she had a mane that rivaled Carrot Top’s…Okay I feel bad comparing her to Carrot Top, I’ll say Christina Hendricks instead, even though CH isn’t a real readhead.

So since my Grandma Francess had the same color hair as Christina Hendricks, does that mean that I only have 75% of a soul?

Will this explain all my questionable decisions? Will this explain my wacky state of mind? Is 25% of me just some hollow vessel? What is going to happen to me when I die? Dammit these are serious questions and I demand some answers!


Tannis said...

Maybe the gene for no soul is connected the gene for red hair therefore since you aren't a red head you also didn't inherit the gene for no soul-ness?? Just a thought :]

dancesairily said...

What about those of us with strawberry blonde hair? Are we quasi-soulless? When our hair gets super red during the winter does it mean any soul we did have, hibernates for the winter?

Gigi said...

That's a good question! I wish I knew the answer :(

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