Monday, February 6, 2012

Don’t Worry I’m Not Dead…

just incredibly lazy about updating my blogs. Well besides that, incredibly stressed out with work. I’m having that all too familiar feeling we all have, the “I don’t get paid enough to put up with this bullshit!” feeling. I think it’s more than a dilemma though than a feeling. I’m actually thinking about falling back on my plan of finding a sugar daddy, participating in a medical research study, or becoming a stripper. At the moment though I don’t particularly feel like dealing with men, pretending I have depression, or learning how to walk in 6 inch clear high heels.

Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should have a root beer w/vanilla vodka before finishing my rant.

…okay I’m back, slightly buzzed, and ready to finish my rant. I’m not completely drunk though because I can still type, but obviously you’ve figured that out by now. Also, those people who asked for my advice, I’ll be answering your questions in my next post. I didn’t forget about you!

But anyways, I’d like to propose a toast to all my readers who have fucking horrible jobs! (Taking a pause to drink) I know since the economy sucks, we should be thankful that we even have employment, but when I have to Google, “how to find a sugar daddy” we have a problem. I also have a problem with the hiring lady at Forever 21 asking me if I’m a college graduate when I ask for an application. I’m not going to go to the University of Washington just so I can have the opportunity sell trendy clothes part-time to teeny boppers for minimum wage!

I know we all have to have crappy jobs when we are young. Waiting tables, babysitting, et cetera is just one of those things you have to do. I think it helps build character and it will make you appreciate the day when you (hopefully) land your dream job. Plus bad work stories make the best subjects to gripe about after a couple of drinks! But when does a crappy job cross the line into unacceptable? I don’t know the exact point right now, but subsisting on ramen noodles and handing out countless resumes is starting to look more and more appealing.

My solution to my problems: have a couple more drinks, get someone to drive me to Jack in the Box because breakfast food sounds really good right now, and take some time to think deep thoughts about my options.


Anonymous said...

When will you be posting on your Red Lipstick & Cheesecake beauty blog again??!

GiGi said...

This week, I promise! I've had a serious case of blogging burnout and I'm still trying to get into the swing of things again

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