Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In My Previous Post. . .

I said I would buy pounds upon pounds of makeup glitter as it is the perfect form of nonviolent revenge. Let me explain.

While working at home, I’ve found myself watching way too much television and YouTube. And something I find particualry funny are the Allstate commercials. Something about that man in a suit pretending to be a raccoon or a GPS really makes me laugh.

So does Allstate cover random attacks of glitter? Say a woman breaks into her ex’s apartment for whatever reason and instead of spray painting some profanity everywhere, she gets smart and decides to cover everything in glitter.

As we all know, glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. It will NEVER EVER go away. Imagine the look on your ex’s face when they have to explain to everyone why they are covered head to toe in pink magnificent sparkling glitter!

A perfect form of nonviolent revenge!


ragamuffin said...

This is what some of my friends were planning on doing for our senior prank, but we chickened out. I still think it's one of the best ideas though, and I'm glad someone else thinks so too!


Gigi said...

This seriously is the best prank ever! It happened to my Dad back in 1995 and the guys at work STILL call him, "Glitter Boy"!

Melody said...

I love this prank idea. :D

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