Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Baby

I cringe every time I’m forced to hear this song, particularly the Taylor Swift version.

I cannot be the only person completely creeped out by this. I’ll explain. . . let us all pretend for a moment that Santa is actually a real person.

Now the tone of this song is rather seductive, and in the lyrics, the singer is asking for presents. Are you asking Santa to be your sugar daddy?! C’mon you can do better than that! This guy sees you when you’re sleeping, knows when you get up in the morning, and knows when you’re naughty. I think that crosses some boundaries. On top of that, he breaks into your house while you’re asleep and expects food. Not to mention he’s an elderly obese man with a wife at home. He’s also flying to cities all over the world completely unnoticed at night, is he a drug smuggler or something? Are those elves really making toys, or is “toys” a code name for crystal meth?

Do any of you have similar feelings or am I a little bit crazier than what I think I am?


Anonymous said...

Funny way to explain it, but u are right

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